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Tile Roofing

For thousands of years, we humans have proven ourselves to be pretty resourceful. That’s been particularly true with our use of natural materials to create roofing tile. Tile roofs have been in use for centuries and can be found everywhere from settlements in the Middle East to missions built in California.

Why Have a Tile Roof in El Paso?

What makes the popularity of tile endure? First, it’s a roofing material that’s highly durable. Taken care of properly, a tile roof can last up to 100 years, excellently withstanding high winds, storms, and hail. Unlike shingle roofs, tile also requires much less upkeep. Mold and moisture can be a recurring problem for the average roof in El Paso, but tile excels at blocking them both. Best of all, tile reflects heat rather than absorbing it, making it extremely energy efficient.

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However, for a tile roof to provide all those benefits, it needs to be installed precisely and cared for correctly. At Roof Solutions & Construction, we’re the clear choice in El Paso and surrounding areas to handle tile roofing installation, tile roof repair, and tile roof replacement. Years of experience means our licensed and insured team will do the work properly the first time. With a wide variety of quality products, you can rest easy, knowing your roof will last for years and look good as well.

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